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Although Josephine struggled with people finishing her work, she did say that she has accepted it. Personally I would post a link to work, make it clear that she has mixed fealings about it, then continue.

i've not updated this in a very long time.

So I realised that I haven't updated my journal in a very long time. Things haven't changed that much, I have three boys and I am still at home with them a lot of the time. Though going back to nursing is brilliant. The youngest starts school on Monday! I still am madly in love with fan fiction but, I think as life has got less stressful, I am not reading quite such an astronomical amount. In the last year I have started to beta occasionally and to do some Brit picking for writers in the Sherlock fandom, so at least I am able to give back a little to the phenomenal writers that give us so much pleasure.

First time I've ever done anything like this!

  God this is very strange, I've never blogged or anything like it before, but as I have increasingly become addicted to the net and reading other peoples posts, I thought I should actually do something I have to think about. The thought of other people (I don't know) reading what I am writing about is a little scary though.  
 So here goes. At the moment I am sitting at home with my two boys who are being little shits. They both have a horrible cold, but I am very rapidly losing my sympathy. I want to hide in my computer but I know this only makes them worst. The best thing to do would be to take them to the park or something but I cant actually bring myself to get them out the house. All I want to do is go to bed, It just doesn't feel fair that when I want to sleep they definitely dont.
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